Olympic golfer calls out airline after making horrible mistake

Emiliano Grillo is in Rio for the Olympics and he WILL be competing! American Airlines lost his clubs but he has been reunited with them once again!

That’s every traveling golfer’s nightmare. To be stuck at the baggage claim waiting for your clubs to turn up and they never do. We’ve seen this happen to pros before but this time around it could be the loss of an Olympic gold! Thankfully it didn’t have to come to that.

It seems as though the ordeal started with a frustrating flight to begin with and ended with no clubs. At least we have pizza to get us through hard times.

Although I’m sure Grillo is furious, he is being a good sport on Twitter, engaging with his fans and asking them to guess where his clubs are in a poll.

If you don’t think that’s funny, Grillo goes on to mock Pokemon Go, the phenomenon that has the globe searching for imaginary animals.

He even translated his tweet to accommodate us English speakers, making sure everyone understood that people would look harder for his clubs if they were Pokemon.

Touché Grillo, but now you have your clubs!!

Until the next flight..

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