Brandel Chamblee starts enormous Twitter debate with his Jim Furyk comments

Contrarian: A person who takes up a contrary position, especially a position that is opposed to that of the majority, regardless of how unpopular it may be.”

Brandel is paid to give his opinion and you can’t knock him for doing his job, but this latest contribution is just ridiculous.

Chamblee argues that Jim doesn’t have the record because he shot 58 on a par 70.

He has a point, just three golfers have shot a -13 59 (on a par 72), so technically Jim’s round isn’t the lowest. But wait, this whole thing is frustratingly pinheaded.

Obviously it’s easier to make a birdie on a par five, which means a guy playing on a par 70 has fewer opportunities. That’s the bottom line! Professionals aren’t happy when they walk off the long holes with a par Brandel, you insufferably smug cheese piece.

Does Brandel have a point though?


For me, it’s a distraction. Yes, Geiberger, Beck, and Duval did all shot 59 on a par 72, but as we’ve established, they had two extra holes to get those birdies. Why can’t Brandel leave Jim to have his moment in the sun? Why does he have to demean his achievement with a meaningless observation?

It’s like saying Usain Bolt doesn’t have the world record because he didn’t do it in the 400 meters. Do you see what I’m trying to say? It was right that everyone went nuts when Furyk shot 58, the fact he did it with -12 is irrelevant. Brandel was being Brandel and I’m glad he was called on it.

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