Bubba Watson will do the unthinkable just to get on the Olympic podium

Bubba Watson said at Tuesday’s press conference in Rio that he will LAY UP on the par-5 18th hole just to get bronze.

“I’m going to lay up and go for bronze.”

When he told the reporters, they thought he was joking and started laughing.

“Why is everybody laughing? I am actually serious,” he said. “No, it would be better to have bronze than nothing.”

Where is the heart in that?? The whole point of the Olympics is to strive for greatness and to represent your country. To get on the podium is an honor and a privilege, but to get there by playing it safe seems blasphemous.

Source: Zimbio
Source: Zimbio

The whole American motto is to push past adversity and if you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything! If Bubba is saying now, before the games even started, that he would lay up just to get a medal makes me feel like he’s a cocky arrogant asshole that thinks the Olympics will be easy.

Sure the top players may not be in the field but you’re up against a large group of passionate golfers trying to bring home the gold for their country. If he doesn’t think it will be competitive, he’s mistaken.

I’m sure he just really wants a medal because this is a once or twice in a lifetime opportunity and that’s understandable, but if you’re there, you should be doing your best to win. Just like a major. Would he lay up to get the green jacket? I don’t think so.

Come Sunday, we will see whether or not Bubba will in fact make it to the podium. I hope he gets caught up in the moment and goes for the gold if he has the chance.

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