WATCH: A day in the life of Andrew “Beef” Johnston

Beef followed by the European Tour as he appeared on Sky Sport’s “Soccer AM.” The show invites celebrities and personalities to talk about their love for football.

A cameraman follows beef as he makes his way to the studio, accompanied by his girlfriend Louise Jay. The “most popular sportsman in Britain” talked about his growing fame, recounting a hilarious offer from an Italian Dentist to fix his teeth.

On a normal day Beef would of course play golf, sometimes with his friends…


Only at the mid ? My mate did it for Charity! #jumpedinlake #charity #thenoeljohnstonfoundation

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He would find time for a workout…


Morning done ?. Cheers @funxionjunxion

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And a beer…


Everyone enjoying @beavertownbeer thank u

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Check out this clip of Beef being Beef. The Englishman is being inundated with media offers as the season begins to wind down. There has been the odd whisper that he should get a Ryder Cup wildcard pick, but that has to be conjecture.



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