Jordan Spieth commits to the 2020 Olympics and Twitter isn’t so sure

Jordan Spieth’s withdrawal from the Olympics will go down as a mistake. A large section of the golfing community supported his decision, I did not. It was quite clear that he used the Zika virus as an excuse rather than a reason, something Twitter reminded him of after he posted this Tweet yesterday.

At least have the balls to say the Olympics is a distraction, which is what Rory McIlroy and Adam Scott did. Hiding behind a BS concern about Zika was really poor form and I think it’s right that people are reminding him of this.

Olympic golf has to be called a success. Everyone from the players to the fans spoke about the organisation of the event, the quality of the course and the attitude of the competitors. It was, to put it bluntly, an awesome showing that just got better and better.

Players were describing the experience as “incredible” and a “career highlight”, with Tiger Woods tweeting his support to those who made the trip.

The naysayers couldn’t pretend the competition wasn’t a success. Looking at some of the comments, it was clear that people didn’t have time for the world’s top four players. Their decision to withdraw was the target of some harsh words.

You can say these guys are only interested in the FedEx cup blah, blah, blah. I still can’t find a rational reason for avoiding the Olympics.

Flying down to Brazil shouldn’t make a difference. These guys spend their season jetting across the globe at the drop of a hat…what difference does a week in Rio actually make?

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