J.R. Smith wants to create a golf tour exclusively for NBA players

J.R. Smith, the reigning NBA champion, has turned his sights over to the golfing world.

With basketball season over and with his shirt back on, Smith has some ideas of his own for the golf industry. In an interview with NBPA.com he said, “I also really want to do a golf line. I want to create my own golf shoes. I play all the time.”

Here he is playing with his wife:


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Smith also wants to organize a golf tour exclusively for NBA players.

“That’s not all. I have the idea of organizing a mini golf tour for NBA players. A lot of us play golf. I’ve been trying to get the guys to do one. We’d do like three cities, go to the three best golf courses and have our own little mini tour. Have fans come out and watch.

Realistically, it can be one day out of the week at a golf course, and let’s say 10 guys would play. It’s not a 50-man field like the PGA Tour. It would be a select group, two at at time. Then all the money would be donated to each other’s charities. And the players could be paired with a celebrity. Justin Timberlake plays, Samuel Jackson, Mark Wahlberg, all these Hollywood guys. That’s all they talk to me about when they see me—golf, golf, golf.”

We all know Steph Curry likes to golf.

Not only do I think this would do extremely well, but I think it would also bring golf to the attention of kids who would never have been exposed to golf in the first place. Kids growing up loving basketball and then seeing their heroes play golf with celebrities would definitely spark an interest for the game.

I’m sure Dustin Johnson would go, especially after J.R. basically put a shirt on just for him when visiting the WGC-Bridgestone to see him play. He was also pictured with the only gold medalist in golf still alive.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

I hope this happens and I hope it happens soon.

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