After saying he didn’t care, Rory McIlroy did watch Olympic golf

Asked if he would watch the golf at the Olympics Rory didn’t hold back, “I’m not sure golf will be one of the events I watch.” A statement that began a brutal assault on the very idea of golf as an Olympic sport. What would he be watching instead? “Probably the events like track and field, swimming, diving, the stuff that matters,” he said with a wry smile.

I wonder if he is now living to regret those words? Jordan Spieth didn’t explicitly express guilt about his withdrawal, but his congratulatory tweet showed some remorse.

Rory McIlroy showed something similar. He went back on a claim he made during the Open Championship. “Obviously, he watched,” said Justin Rose, the eventual winner. “He was very, very proud. Said he was pulling for me. He said basically he could see how much it meant to me, and congratulations. He was very complimentary.”

“He made the point that he really wants golf to succeed as an Olympic sport,” Rose said of a text he received from Rory. “He has some of his own personal opinions on it that are very personal to him, and that’s fine. But as a whole he’s very much behind golf succeeding in the Olympics.”

There is little doubt that golf’s recent appearance was a massive success. The reasons why you should be supporting Olympic golf are clear. It’s once every four years and believe me, there won’t be any withdrawals next time.

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