4 Reasons why all of the Olympic Golf haters were completely wrong

Golf made its debut at the Olympics after a 112 year hiatus and it was a wild success.

The Zika virus and the fact that a bunch of the top players on Tour withdrew because of it (and other reasons), many thought that the debut would fail. In reality though, the return was welcomed and applauded by fans and golfers alike.

So basically, all of the haters (that includes you, Rory), can suck it.


The fans were out in force

Whether people were traveling to Rio for the Olympics or golf specifically, the fans showed up on the course to support the return of the sport!

Although some may not have known the rules very well, their presence alone was enough to put down the haters. If one sports fan went to the Olympic golf course and learned something new about golf or learned to love the sport, then the whole thing was a success.

This lady clearly learned that you don’t get to keep balls that fly into the crowd like you do in baseball.

I mean just look at that crowd, it’s inspiring.

Olympic golf – 1 // Haters – 0

The pros had an experience to remember

Almost every pro that played in the Olympics had something great to say about it. Whether it was the experience alone or their spot on the podium, they will not soon forget this moment in golf history that they were a part of.

What’s amazing is the sportsmanship in golf and in the Olympics. No matter what country you’re from (for the most part) everyone is there to praise and respect each other as an athlete and an Olympian. Whether you place or not, just by being at the Olympics, you are supporting world acceptance.

This is the bigger picture that many of the top golfers became blind to because of the Zika virus.

Olympic Golf – 2 // Haters – 0

The pros that weren’t there came around for the congrats

No matter what anybody said before the Olympics began, many of the pros were there to support their Tour mates at the end of it.

Even Rory McIlroy reached out to Justin Rose to congratulate him, even though he said he wasn’t going to watch.

Olympic Golf – 3 // Haters – 0

No reports of mosquito bites

With the Zika virus being the main concern for the withdrawn athletes, it seems their concerns were a bit too high. There haven’t been any reports of Olympians saying they’ve been bitten.

There has been talk of the virus spreading, but it seems like it’s all low risk. It’s like the Swine Flu all over again. One of our Facebook followers made a good point:

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.37.45 PM

Even with Zika as a concern, the Olympics were still a massive success and no one can say otherwise.

Olympic Golf – 4 // HATERS – 0

AND we still have the ladies to tee off!!

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