WATCH: Andrew “BEEF” Johnston has a beer and gives a golf lesson (from a pub)

Andrew “BEEF” Johnston is the man of the moment. He recently signed an endorsement deal with the quick-serve sandwich chain Arby’s, leading to a fairly comical appearance at their New York chain. He told PETA where to go after they asked him to change his name to Tofu, and in a recent anecdote it was revealed he once tried to outdrink John Daly, not a good idea.

A small break from golf has given him the opportunity to let fans see his lifestyle. The European Tour followed him for a “day in the life of” and now Golf Digest have cashed in on the cow BEEF.

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This clip comes the Pommelers Rest, a Weatherspoons pub near Tower Bridge, London.

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I live 300 yards down the road and I’m only a regular because it’s cheap as chips. I have to disagree with the interviewer’s assessment. Calling a Weatherspoons a nice place is like saying IHOP do great pancakes. Sure they’re edible, but you could find a better place with minimal effort.

They sell beer and BEEF has charisma, so a priceless combination was found nonetheless.

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