Head of European Olympic Committees arrested; Rory sends shade via Twitter

The head of the European Olympic Committees, Irishman Patrick Hickey, was arrested by Brazil police because of an illegal ticket sales scandal.

Hickey, 71, and fellow Irishman Kevin James Mallon are suspected of selling Olympic tickets at extremely inflated prices, making over $3mil in profits.

Source: Irish Times
Source: Irish Times

What does this have to do with golf? Well Rory McIlroy had some beef with Hickey from before he withdrew from the Olympics.

Basically, Rory didn’t want to wear Adidas at the Olympics and called out Hickey for being on his high horse. In the end, Rory withdrew, so it didn’t matter anyways.

Then he tweeted (and then deleted) one word when it was announced that Hickey was arrested.


You might think that “Karma” could pertain to anything in McIlroy’s life, but a perceptive follower caught him in the act.

Anyone else think that Rory has become a bit of a whiner lately? He needs to get over himself, but it seems like Hickey got what he had coming.

Karma is a bitch.

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