Former fire marshal pulls gun on man he thinks stole his clubs

59-year-old former fire marshal, Donald Acree, had his clubs stolen from LaFortune Park Golf Course in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Later, he came across a man at a Golf Galaxy parking lot, carrying what looked like his stolen golf clubs.

Instead of approaching the situation like a civil person, Acree decides to take measures a bit farther by pulling out his gun on 24-year-old Devon Scott Montgomery. He then proceeded to aim his gun at Montgomery’s chest, threaten his life, and demand he get on the ground.

In this day and age, guns are no laughing matter and to pull a gun on someone you suspect¬†stole your golf clubs is completely irresponsible and terrifying. Granted, you shouldn’t steal someone else’s clubs but there are better ways to go about the situation.

Montgomery was arrested and charged with grand larceny for stealing about $3,800 of Acree’s golf equipment. He was released¬†on a $1,000 bond a few hours later and has filed a complaint against Acree and the Tulsa Police Department.

Moral of the story here is: don’t mess with another man’s golf clubs.

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