WATCH: Henrik Stenson poking an alligator was the best part of the Olympics


Technically this animal is called a caiman, not an alligator, but they’re in the same family.

WHO POKES AN ALLIGATOR? Henrik Stenson does. So nonchalantly too. Who does he think he is? Steve Irwin?

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Other golfers were enjoying the wildlife in Rio, but the capybaras, not the caimans. Here’s Lexi Thompson, who’s playing in the Olympics right now, taking a selfie with one of the locals.

Saw this capybara come out of the water today so why not take a selfie with it ?

A photo posted by Lexi Thompson (@lexi) on

This is the most Henrik Stenson type thing he’s done since he took his clothes off!


What a renegade.

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