Tom Watson makes his caddie recite simple math after wrong yardage

“Do we 118, 119 or do we have 116…You’ve confused me a lot”.

Hell! Am I the only one confused? To make this even more of a scene, Watson does the typical embarrassing dad move by making his caddy count basic math out loud. Unfortunately, the USGA had the clip removed because they’re just terrible. Here’s how it continued:

“97 plus what to carry the bunker?”

“We have 97 plus 17”

“So that’s 114. OK.”

By the end of this, I hope you can see that yardages mean EVERYTHING to tour pros, to us 4 yards means nothing. All the caddy can do is shake his head and wipe his brow. Thankfully, Watson managed to hit a good approach and make par.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 17.42.38
Tom Watson with late caddy Bruce Edwards. Neil Oxman took over following his death 10 years ago.

The story gets better as Fox Sports’ Joe Buck tell viewers that the incident had Jack Nicklaus in tears, and the look on his face was priceless! You’re not alone, Jack. This was very uncharacteristic of Tom Watson, but the one player that we’re used to seeing this from is the man himself, Bubba Watson.

Week after week, we fear for the safety and wellbeing of PGA Tour caddy Ted Scott. Just last week, Bubba challenged his looper whilst the ball was still in the air with the words: “Let’s see, Ted.” In fairness, the pair have understanding that centres around Bubba’s assumed infallibility. He’s one of those guys who needs an excuse for a bad shot.

Speaking of Bubba venting off his anger, this reminds me of his rip into Steve Elkington back in 2012 at the Zurich Classic.

Here, Bubba shows how to make a situation awkward. So awkward that even the distant commentators are cringing.

Player-caddie relationships are probably one of the hardest to maintain in the world, as these three fights highlight.

Every player does it differently:


The simple things:

  • Which side of the bag is yours?
  • Whose water bottle is whose?
  • Who will be a true gentleman and sacrifice his umbrella?
  • Have you got the right number of clubs in the bag?
  • Did you remember to pack my waterproofs, rain gloves, protein snacks, cokes, plasters, sunglasses, etc..etc.
Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 17.38.20
Alfred ‘Rabbit’ Dyer was one of the original African American caddies on the PGA Tour. Rabbit was Gary Player’s caddy from 1972-1990.

The Hard things:

  • Who has the most influence on club selection?
  • Do you offer advice on the greens?
  • Do you regurgitate their coach’s advice?
  • Are you a friend or an employee?
  • Do you talk a lot or not at all?

As time goes on, some relationships will blossom and you can’t have one without the other. We’re pretty used to seeing Phil Mickelson and ‘Bones’ having long ‘discussions’ on the tee now. On the other end of the spectrum, you have a player like Dustin Johnson. He lets his brother Austin carry his bags, a guy who can’t add up, offer advice or even pretend to be a proper caddie. But that’s what works for DJ!

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