The hottest mixtape for every awful round of golf

Every golfer knows what it’s like to make a bad shot and sometimes in those moments clubs are thrown.

It’s not fun to schenk your ball into the woods but thankfully, there is now something to make you feel better about yourself! Skratch TV has come out with the hottest mixtape for us schenking golfers. The Club Drop Mixtape!

(airhorn) CLUB DROP MIXTAPE (airhorn)

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The soundtrack to our lives. But it’s also nice to see the pro’s dropping their clubs too.

The most recent club drop might be Rory McIlroy at The Open this year. He “dropped” his club so hard it broke. Easy to do when your sponsor will just get you another one.

Next time you schenk your ball, just remember that the pros do the same thing but with thousands of people watching.

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