Jordan Spieth tells Jimmy Fallon who he sleeps with

Jordan Spieth is in New York promoting the FedEx Cup playoffs. The world number three was all over Instagram documenting his day in the Big Apple. His trip ended with an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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Sorry if you thought Jordan Spieth would confess to sleeping with anything other than a branded piece of equipment, remember a publicist has his back. The bed partner? Scotty, of course.

“It’s a putter I’ve been using for some seven-eight years now. It used to be black but now it’s all rusted, chipped up and there’s like rust on the inside of it,” “I still use it. There’s been a couple nights I’ve been happy enough I’ve slept with it.”

Jordan went on to talk about his relationship with Bill Murray, one of the more famous celebrity golfers:

“He’s one of the most fun people I’ve ever played golf with. The guy just works over a crowd, the ultimate entertainer,” “He’s quirky, he’s goofy and you love every part of it. The guy can for five and a half hours straight on every hole find a way to make one-liners, make people laugh.”

He will begin his FedEx Cup title defense on Thursday at Bethpage Black.

I can’t help but compare this to the time Tiger and Rory did “Facebreakers.” I think Big Cat’s tricep deserves its very own segment. And relax.

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