The top 4 golf streakers off all-time

From the Open to the President’s, we look at some of the most famous streaks known to golf.

4. 1985 Open Championship

The Open Championship, 1985.
The Open Championship, 1985.

During the final round of the 1985 Open Championship, a streaker ran through the 18th green at Royal St. George’s. The modestly-endowed man evaded police before an unexpected intervention from pro Peter Jacobsen. Taking matters into his own hands, Jacobsen decided he would floor the streaker if he came close.

“I turned my head, closed my eyes and shut my mouth.”

he said, describing his preparation. Unfortunately, this didn’t lead to a happy ending as Jacobsen failed to get up and down. The commentator summed up the commotion perfectly with the immortal words: “what a lot of fuss over such a little thing.”

3. 2003 U.S. Open


Brittany Skye sponsored by "Golden Place Casinos."
Brittany Skye sponsored by “Golden Place Casinos.”

Brittney Skye made a very mundane U.S. Open memorable. The adult entertainment actress, who goes by the name Brittney, Britany Skye, Britany Sky, Britney Skye, Brittaney Skye, Brittany Sky, Britney Sky and Brittany Skye carried out this premeditated streak with an online casino URL written across her chest.

The actress, who has been nominated for the”Cream Dream” and “Best Group Scene” awards, ran straight for, yeah you guessed it, Jim Furyk.

2. 2013 President’s Cup

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Kimberly Webster was working as a temporary banquet waitress at Murifield Village, Dublin, OH, when she decided to serve up a canapé of her own. Her reason? She felt compelled to address streaking’s patriarchal paradigm, obviously.

When I typed in ‘top streakers of all-time’, it was just men,” said Webster, smiling during an NBC interview. She went on to claim that a friend in the police force had advised her on the consequences of her actions: “He said he would pay my fines if I did it,” she added.

She was eventually charged with disorderly conduct; a misdemeanour that carries a $100 fine.


1995 The Open Championship

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 18.13.32

“To call Mark Roberts, the Tiger Woods of streaking would be an insult —to Roberts,” writes Alan Bastable for Since 1993, Roberts has streaked 449 events in 13 countries, including three British Opens and a Ryder Cup.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 18.18.04
Mark Roberts during Wimbledon.


“As with all my streaks, I didn’t want to interfere with the game. As soon as the ball went into the hole, I jumped on. I had children’s golf clubs on me shoulder, a cloth cap and “19th hole” written on me back with an arrow pointing to me butt. The police were laughing their heads off as they chased me around the green and down the fairway. When I was arrested, the police were laughing so much they could hardly ask me questions. It was fantastic.”

Mark Roberts

It’s only right that Mark occupies the top spot. He is sport’s perennial streaker and seems to embody all that you would expect from a man with such a passion.

“People say to me now and then, “You’ve only got a little one.” And I say, “I didn’t know an inch could take me so far.”

Never be ashamed of your body people.

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