The driving range from your dreams has become a reality

Take me to this driving range now! ??? ? cred – @johnshelley1 #golfgods #greeceisland #drivingrange #getonit #golf

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When you think of the most picturesque driving range, it would probably look something like this. Who wouldn’t want to practice their golf swing on the water with a great view?

It looks like this is on someone’s personal yacht, who created a tiny range for passengers to enjoy. Hopefully, they use biodegradable golf balls so they aren’t hurting the environment in the process of having a fucking blast.

Just picture it. You anchor your luxurious yacht, hit a few balls into the beautiful ocean, dive in and enjoy life. What’s that beeping noise disturbing this incredible moment? Oh, it’s the alarm waking you up from the dream. Damn.

I guess the rest of us will just have to go to the beach like Kramer did. Until we all get our own yachts..

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