WATCH: Magician attempts to catch a full-blooded golf shot from close range

This is absolutely insane.

Drummond William Thomas Money-Coutts (born 1986), nicknamed “DMC”, is an English magician and specialist card sharp. He is the heir apparent to the Latymer Barony, a hereditary title that forms part of the landed gentry.

He joined the European tour at Gleneagles a few years ago for a day of trickery. If you say “it’s fake” that’s because it’s supposed to be, you absolute lemon.

DMC got into a nasty accident after filming this and it almost cost him his life. The magician was attempting his “torn apart” trick with two golf carts when he got into complications.

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“The right side of my body is grazed to pieces. There was a lot of blood. I could only get out of the handcuffs and one of the ropes and the driver
didn’t realise so I was dragged quite a way. It was a success in that I managed to survive it without being totally torn apart.”

Call it fake, but I bet you still shouted for him to hurry up.

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