Golfer goes complete savage with Harambe tribute

The whole SB2k16 crew are active Snapchatters that sometimes create seriously gold posts. Well, Smylie Kaufman snapped a pic of a new engraving on his wedge that shows how savage he truly is.

Peep this tribute to the late Harambe..

Smylie Kaufman knows whatsup…?? #SmyliesWedges #RIPharambe #HarambeWasAnInsideJob via: ?smylie_kaufman

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Shoutout to golfballed for that hilarious hashtag, #HarambeWasAnInsideJob.

I mean this whole Harambe thing is being blown completely out of proportion and has become a scapegoat for frat guys to chug beers and get their golf clubs engraved.

Using Harambe as a rush tool. #TFM Send your photos and videos to

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Or you could just get a big fucking tattoo of Harambe’s face on your bicep, because why not.

Making sure Harambe’s legacy is never forgotten. #TFM Send your photos and videos to

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While you’re at it, might as well just whip your dick out too..

When i whip my dick out in wal-mart it was for harambe.

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First, Smylie comes on to the scene and completely tears it up at The Masters. Then he signs a deal with Natty Light, making every college student’s wet dream come true.

Not only was he out here paying tribute to Harambe this weekend, Smylie also tried to bring awareness to the flooding in Louisiana by providing players with purple ribbons.

He’s one of few golfers who aren’t afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what he believes in.

Smylie Kaufman is making a name for himself within the millennial nation and we’re so not mad about it. RIP Harambe.

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