WATCH: This golf fail will make your gonads hurt

I don’t know where this idea came from, but it seems like there’s a fad going around where friends let friends tee their golf ball on sensitive areas of their body. This is what we call setting yourself up for failure.

While some friends are trusting in their buddies golf capabilities, not everyone’s swing is perfect every time, especially when their ball is tee’d up on top of yours.

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That hurts to watch, and I’m a girl.

Don’t you worry, no body part is left behind in this fad. And by behind, I mean they tee it up on someone’s ass. You might think there would less casualties with this position, but you would be wrong.

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Can’t forget about the head. Seriously what is wrong with people??

Either these guys are all wasted or they’re masochists who enjoy getting smacked in the balls, ass, or head with a high speed driver. Ouch.

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