Golf Digest give hilarious product review of $5,000-a-set clubs

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I woke up to see this piece of native advertising on my newsfeed. As much as it pains me to say, Golf Digest is probably the best known publication in the golfing world. That’s why their review of PXG is so surprising. Starting at $350-per-club, it’s hard to see the relevance of this brand to 99% of people who play.

Bob Parsons – the man who spent $350,000 on clubs in one year

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.45.52
Bob Parsons, PXG CEO.

“The new PXG 0311XF irons look to fill the lone, looming gap in the surreal excitement over the company’s line of near-$3,000-a-set irons,” writes Mike Statchura.

Right Mike, I’m going to have to stop you there. The only time PXG could ever produce “surreal excitement” is when you meet the cheese piece who uses their product.

Just imagine the type of chump who would pay five grand for a set of clubs. And it would be five grand because the irons total $3,500 (at least) and said chump would probably add a PXG driver, 3-wood and hybrid to their crazy investment.

PXG golf clubs

The review gets better: “To broaden its potential audience, could PXG make an iron that provided more forgiveness?”

Because let’s face it folks, the key to broadening PXG’s appeal lay in the creation of third product line, not in the inaccessibility of their pricing. After all, it was the absence of a blade-like cavity-based set of irons that prevented you from buying a set of PXGs in the first place, right?

What golf club review would be complete without a line of tech-based gibberish? “The PXG 0311XF also features a greater volume of thermoplastic elastomer in the internal cavity to maintain feel across the larger face area,” adds the earnest Mike Statchura.

“Internal cavity,” “maintain feel,” come on Mike, when your vocabulary wouldn’t be out of place on the back of a rampant rabbit it’s time to question the validity.

At $100,00-a-set, this is becoming a joke

Bentley golf clubs
Bentley golf clubs

As you can probably tell I don’t much like PXG. I think their arrogance transcends any benefit they bring to the game. In fairness it’s a free market and they have no duty to the sport, but I still want to meet the amateur who thinks a set of PXGs will help their game.

I for one wouldn’t spend that amount money on anything I couldn’t a) drive, b) live in, or c) put through college.


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