Rory McIlroy sticks his middle finger up at the gym-haters…again

Rory has renewed confidence after his win at the Deutsche Bank Championship and it’s time to settle some scores. 

It’s become fashionable for pundits to criticise Rory McIlroy for his workout routine. The irony of course is that they themselves are fat, middle-aged shits.

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If you honestly think Rory’s gym routine has negatively impacted his golf game you’re a complete no-hoper.

Just look at Rory’s record this season:

Ball striking

  • Off the tee: 1st
  • Tee-to-green: 2nd
  • Total driving: 4th


  • Total putting: 158th
  • 3-putt avoidance: 183rd
  • Putting from inside 10 feet: 183rd

Can I stop now? It’s clear that Rory’s extra mass hasn’t effected his ability to swing a golf club. He remains one of the best ball-strikers in the world. He has always been a bad putter, it’s just this year he’s been especially bad. Now ask yourself, does muscle mass impact your putting stroke? It’s possible, but very unlikely.

Rory putted magnificently this week and reaffirmed this as the area of his game that’s been missing. He’s improved this because of two crucial factors.

One, he’s finally swallowed some pride and employed one of the best putting coaches in the word. Two, after a couple of years with his Nike putter – a contractual obligation we can be sure of – he now has the freedom to use his old Scotty Cameron.

Rory McIlroy practices with his caddie. (Source/PGA Tour).
Rory McIlroy practices with his caddie. (Source/PGA Tour).

This realisation probably explains why Rory wanted to target all those gym-haters.

It’s clear that Rory was out for Johnny Miller. The veteran commentator accused Rory of “overdoing it” in the gym during the Open Championship:

“I think he overdid the weight room, I don’t that helped him at all.” “Same thing with Tiger Woods. You just get carried away with wearing the tight shirts and showing off their muscles.”

The hypocrisy is unreal when you consider what Miller used to wear. His outfits were spray on.
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So now Rory’s response has a context.
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I get so frustrated when the likes of Brandel Chamblee and Johnny Miller comment on Rory’s workout routine; If I had hair I would pull it out. What the f*** do they know?

If I may just quickly debunk the biggest myth in golf fitness, the one that suggests Tiger Woods is injured because of the gym. 36 years of swinging a golf club like an animal is why Tiger Woods is in a bad way. Honestly, how else would a body react after years of cumulative strain?

Tiger’s game was utterly unique: 200-yards to the pin and Tiger would grab a 7-iron and punch the ball with a 12-inch divot. Playing Links golf Tiger would hit 2-iron stingers that defied biomechanics, and physics for that matter. It’s a bit like Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal. He played with the same unrelenting aggression as Tiger and he too must pay the price.

Throwing tin around the gym means jack shit in the context of a constant golf. Ask Gary Player if gym work is bad for a long career…
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As if Rory and his team don’t exhaustively research a gym routine that will help his gof. Every time Rory trolls these f***wits I grin because their casual ignorance needs to be exposed.

A slightly dorky kid with dreams of becoming a professional should be encouraged to workout. Not discouraged by the stupidity of two crusty old farts.

You tell’em Rors.

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