Donald Trump is losing votes in every state he owns a golf course

Donald Trump is currently behind in the polls in every state he owns a golf course. There is no home course advantage for this guy.

Donald Trump was an avid golfer and lover of the game, way before he entered into the lions den that is the American political system. He currently owns 17 golf courses around the world, 12 of which reside in the United States.

New York, New Jersey, and California haven’t been in the Republican race for a long time now, so those states are kind of moot at this point. Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida on the other hand, are important states for Trump to win for him to come even close to beating Hilary in this Presidential race.

CNN put together this infographic to better see how republicans have faired against democrats in the areas where Trump’s courses are.

Source: CNN News
Source: CNN News

Trump was asked about the people who neighbor his courses because of how he was received in Scotland, after numerous demeaning comments. There are also documented legal fights due to construction and zoning issues on several of his properties.

“I have most neighbors – just so you understand – most neighbors love us. I have one or two that are a little contentious which is fine because they lost. It’s like some of the people I beat in the primaries. They’re not exactly in love with me. Well, I have one or two neighbors that we beat, and they’re not exactly in love with me. That’s okay. But most of the neighbors really like me,” Trump told reporters.

Source: PA
Source: PA

With Gary Johnson making his way in-between both presidential candidates, Donald Trump might be out of the race regardless of the bridges he’s burned.

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