Rickie Fowler roasts Twitter troll who literally knows nothing

If you follow golf at all, you know that Rickie Fowler is a man of the people. Most golfers take the time to mingle with their fans, but Fowler goes above and beyond to make his followers feel special.

Flash forward to this weekend, where a troll revealed himself on Twitter bashing Rickie for not staying after the tournament to sign things.

Rickie had a response the dude right away, explaining that he in fact did stay after and sign for peeps.

Justin Thomas responded to this conversation as well, because friends who have twin playoff dusters stick together.

What I think Justin is trying to say here is that Rickie will sign anything you put in front of him. He will sign a baseball, basketball, or any type of memorabilia these crazy fans want.

I’m not sure why Jason Dufner was tagged but I’m sure he would agree.

Fans came to Rickie’s defense as well, putting the troll in his place.

If there’s one thing you can’t use against Rickie Fowler, it’s how he treats his fans.


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