WATCH: Curtis Strange’s cringeworthy interview with Tiger Woods still haunts him


As we look back at the week in which the 20 year anniversary of Tiger Woods’ pro debut took place, this interview doesn’t reflect well on Curtis Strange.

What better time to reflect on one of the most awkward interviews of all time than the day after Tiger announces his comeback.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone with a smug, condescending nature about them get put down.

Strange was still a pro but beginning the transition into announcing. Woods had just completed a first round of 67 at the Greater Milwaukee Open. It was during this competition that the interview took place.

Curtis Strange may not have known it at the time, but in this interview with a 20 year old Tiger Woods, he was sat across from a man that would become the greatest golfer of all time.

106 professional wins + Fourteen major titles = Curtis Strange looking like a complete muppet!

None of that had happened by this point; Tiger Woods was just a kid, and Strange treated him as such. He didn’t have to be so smug about it though. Take a look below:

In this interview, Tiger Woods showed all the attributes that made him the best. He wanted to win, and there is nothing at all wrong with that.

It seems as though he was a bit too confident for Curtis Strange’s liking, who wanted to remind him of his place. “You’ll learn.” He says.

Oh Curtis, you are officially a punk.

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