WATCH: Starter hilariously botches Jason Day’s name at BMW Champ

Even though there’s a weather delay at the BMW Champ, there was still enough time this morning to botch Jason Day’s name on the opening hole.

The No. 1 golfer in the world was announced by the starter as “Jordan Day”. Day’s reaction to the mistake is priceless.

Looks like it gave him more of a laugh than anything else.

This isn’t the first time pro’s names have been mispronounced. Brooks Koepka was announced as Brooks Cupcake. To be fair Koepka isn’t the easiest name to say, although it does provide some humor for the rest of us.

The USGA’s president, Diana Murphy, mispronounced Brittany Lang’s name twice. She didn’t even realize she was saying the wrong name! If you’re presenting an award to someone, you better know their name before you embarrass yourself.

Although not golf related, we can’t forget about the biggest name flub of the year! Steve Harvey takes the cake for saying the wrong name..

I guess Jordan Day is looking pretty good right now, in comparison.

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