WATCH: Sergio Garcia and Rickie Fowler can’t deal with TOUR’s slowest player

Kevin Na was being Kevin Na during the first round of the BMW Champ this season.

His playing partners didn’t have much sympathy for this poor bastard. Na is suffering from a severe case of the tee-box yips, a recurring problem that has affected him for a few years now.

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It was rather unfortunate for Kev that he found himself playing with Rickie, one of the fastest guys on Tour. I’m not really sure if it’s fair for Sergio to be laughing, he did go through that irritating “re-grip” faze after all.

This isn’t the first time Rickie has taken the piss out of a fellow pro for taking too long. He once trolled Jordan Spieth after one of his long pre-shot routines.

Slow play is no laughing matter. Amateur golf will continue to take an age if a better example isn’t set on Tour. It’s not helpful when some of our leading players take 6 hours to play a round of golf. I get that Day and Spieth need to take their time, but it comes at the expense of fairness. Why should they get away with it when lesser players aren’t given the same leeway?

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