Bubba Watson snubbed from Ryder Cup team for trash personality

Bubba Watson has been rejected from the first three Ryder Cup captain’s picks, and he probably won’t get the last spot either.

It seems like the U.S. Ryder Cup captain is taking a new approach to building the team this year. Davis Love III is focused more on chemistry than numbers. While this tactic helped Rickie Fowler gain a seat to Hazeltine, the same can’t be said for Bubba Watson.

During a press conference with the media, after announcing three of his captain’s picks, Love explained why these players were chosen.

On Fowler: He’s such a great teammate…going to make a great teammate to guys that we already have on the team.

On Holmes: He’s so steady, he’s easy to pair.

On Kuchar: He’s great, great attitude for match play. He’s a great partner. Like J.B., he’s consistent. He’s easy to pair.

Everything said about these golfers related to their ability to be a strong teammate. Love even said later that some of the players already requested to play with Rickie, showing that being enthusiastic and well-liked can sometimes outweigh stats.


Watson on the other hand, is not a very well liked golfer, among fans and fellow peers alike. This could be because Bubba is kind of a dick, whether he means to be or not. Think of him on a lineup for kickball at recess, being athletic can help you get chosen faster but if no one likes you, you’ll probably be called on last. In this case, probably not called on at all.

Bubba has recently been donating money to charity and trying to become a better person overall. While that should not be overlooked, it doesn’t erase years of being an asshole on Tour.

During the press conference, Love was asked about Bubba specifically and why he wasn’t chosen. He skirted around the answer, not mentioning Bubba by name once, saying it was a calculated decision and anyone not picked needs to focus on the Tour Championship, not the Ryder Cup.

Love made it a point to explain how each of the captain’s picks were chosen for a specific reason and to fill a role. So what hat would Bubba wear to fill the extra role needed? It seems like not even his long hitting stats will help him make the team this year.

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“You know, everybody just automatically thinks, just look at the scorecard, it’s a really long course, we need long hitters. Tiger looks at it a whole lot differently than that. Tiger over the last two or three weeks has made us really think hard about not only pairings but other things that we need to look for in our players. He’s taken the stats package that we get and breaking it down to what we really need.”

And what they really need, isn’t Bubba Watson.

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