WATCH: Michelle Obama throws shade at the POTUS’s golf game

Stephen Curry and Michelle Obama were on the Ellen Show this week, when of course the topic of POTUS’s golf game came up.

Curry has played with Obama multiple times and although he’s lost both times, there are factors to consider. Like how he apparently trash talks on the golf course and how the POTUS won’t disclose his handicap. With Steph at a 2 handicap, I’m sure Obama gains some strokes off of that alone.

But it was Michelle, sweet sweet Michelle, who told Steph to come back at him with the trash talk. Her example was to talk about Obama’s ears, which I guess is a sore subject.

“The shadow from your ears is really messing up my putt.”

Those be some fighting words!! DAMN.

Don’t mess with the first lady, people. Instead make her join your foursome.

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