Donald Trump strikes again with more delusions about his golf game

Donald Trump loves golf. He plays often and owns multiple golf courses. Does this mean he could play on the PGA Tour? HELL NO.

Source: New York Times

Trump was on Dr. Oz this week talking about his health due to Hillary Clinton’s recent episode. Three things came out of this hour long piece of poop that I think are worth touching upon.

  1. Donald Trump doesn’t exercise.
  2. If elected, he would be the healthiest president to ever be in office.
  3. He thinks he could be PGA Tour professional.

Is anyone surprised that Trump doesn’t exercise? I don’t think so. I guess when you’re filthy rich and can afford anything, your health will probably be much better than a war hero or regular joe-shmo mayor, so the second one isn’t too surprising either.

Trump’s inflated ego is the result of #3.

Multiple audience members told CNN that Trump said he does not exercise regularly. But one of them — Kelly Platt, a pharmacist intern who said she is a Trump supporter — said Trump told Oz that he is so good at golf he could join the PGA Tour.



Maybe if he said “could have joined” as in when he was younger, that would be more plausible. But even then his statement is just ludicrous.

Just because you can swing a club and have a low handicap does not mean you can fux with the professionals who make golf their life.


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