Dustin Johnson has a performance enhancing drug he keeps to himself

One little known fact about professional golf is that the players love chewing tobacco. 

Dustin Johnson is a hybrid child; part Southern, part Californian, he’s a good’ol boy with a progressive tinge. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to learn he loves chewing tobacco. And if you subscribe to the commonly held perception that nicotine is a relaxant, you might start to consider the benefits it has to DJ’s ice cold demeanour.

DJ chewed his way through some Skoal Apple Long Cut during the final round at last year’s U.S. Open and you’d be hard pressed to find evidence of his little habit.

(Source/Sky Sports).
(Source/Sky Sports).

A lot of PGA TOUR golfers love a pinch, and some indulge during tournaments. As Karean Crouse states in an article for the New York Times, you shouldn’t underestimate its prevalence:

“How many other golfers use smokeless tobacco? A photographer who is a regular on the Tour was shown a list of players in this week’s field. He started pointing to names and then gave up. ‘It’d be easier to say who doesn’t use it,’ he said.”

For me this is a non-issue. We all know tobacco is bad for you, but different strokes for different folks. That’s why I found  this old article titled: “Dustin Johnson’s on-course behaviour leaves a bad taste,” so irritatingly pernickety.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, James Corrigan launched a vehement attack on DJ for spitting on the course:

“Johnson is not the first but he is, in my view, the worst. A few years ago I witnessed him depositing a large globule straight after being announced on the first tee. He has been known to chew tobacco, and this may be the reason for his unseemly habit, just as it could be for all the other members of the PGA Tour who spit. But that is no excuse.”


Corrigan went on to claim that this behaviour marred that impressive victory at last year’s BMW Championships. I mean seriously! Doesn’t golf have enough problems without you shedding light on a non-issue such as this? I get that it might abhor some people, but I refuse to believe it offends him that much.

Of all DJ’s vices, this has to be the least problematic. Besides, nicotine addiction and golf have walked hand in hand for many years…

Is spitting a step too far? Should we discourage part of DJ’s nonchalant, give a f*** attitude that defines his “I do me” persona?

I agree it’s pretty grim, but I don’t want to live in a world where every behavioural trait is directed into an anodyne vacuum. How about an article about the millions of dollars the PGA TOUR skip on taxes each year. Shit like that matters.

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