What do you think of Rickie Fowler’s new tattoo?

Rickie Fowler and Olympic diver Sam Dorman, took to the tattoo parlor to commemorate their experience at the 2016 Rio games.

Dorman won silver this year and although Rickie didn’t get a medal, the whole ordeal meant a lot to him! He is no stranger to tattoos, so what better way to remember a pivotal event in your life but to ink your skin?

Forever Olympians! Even if Fowler doesn’t qualify in 2020, he’ll always have the memories of Rio and a fresh tattoo to look at every day.

Rickie took the time to get to know the other athletes that attended the games and made friends with a lot of them. Looks like he even had an influence on this Olympian, who tried out his swing at TopGolf!

That’s the thing about Rickie Fowler. He takes every experience to heart and lives purposefully! The greatest renegade in the game of golf.

What do you think of his tat?

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