WATCH: New improvised golf shot is a complete game changer

Has an amateur golfer come up with a solution to one of the hardest shots in golf?

Picture this: you cut the corner on a dog leg and it’s staying towards the trees. You walk to where your ball should be and it’s not looking good. Sure enough it’s tucked behind a tree and you’re shit out of luck.

This is always going to cost you a shot. You cast your mind back to the last time you attempted a left-handed (or right-handed) shot

…ambidextrous you ain’t.

Fortunately, you’re young and mobile, perhaps slightly inebriated, and you’re certain of one thing; you can always perform amateur acrobatics after a couple of tinnies.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of pulling off a sweet recovery. Seve Ballesteros knew a thing or two about that:

The greatest improvised golf shot, as voted by you, came from this amateur in Birmingham, England.

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