Jordan Spieth’s story about Bubba Watson tells you everything you need to know

This article was originally posted by Golf Digest as a defence for Bubba Watson.

I completely disagree with Golf Digest’s assessment of a Jordan-Bubba anecdote. Titled: “Jordan Spieth’s Bubba Watson story shows why Watson deserves a Ryder Cup spot.”

The Story:


(Source/Getty Images).
(Source/Getty Images).


“We played a wolf* game and on 18, he drove it down the fairway, and he went lone. He didn’t pick anybody. And he hit it up there, and three guys — I was the only one who wasn’t inside his putt for birdie. Three other guys were (Brooks Koepka, Daniel Berger, Justin Thomas). So he was at an extreme disadvantage, and he banged it in the back of the hole, won the hole. The next three missed, and he took home the money.”


Many believe the final Ryder Cup pick is between Berger and Thomas.
Many believe the final Ryder Cup pick is between Berger and Thomas.


“He was screaming about it on the 18th green, you know. He made the putt that — so he was in great spirits. We had a great time. I just told him, when I saw him today, ‘Man, yesterday was a lot of fun.’ You don’t get to play those types of games that you play at home with the best players in the world. I mean, you play like little matches here and there, but you don’t get to play like a wolf game or something like that. I love that.”


*Wolf explained

The name of a golf betting game for a group of four golfers in which one golfer on each hole – called the Wolf – chooses whether to play the hole 1-vs.-3, or to partner up and play it 2-vs.-2.

Why Bubba has no chance of selection:

Is this really the best recommendation Jordan can give? A story about Bubba going solo and then celebrating because he beat his nearest Ryder Cup rivals. Seriously! You’re gong to have to do a lot better than that. All this proves is what we already know, that Bubba is an inward-looking, egomaniac who plays for himself. I can’t criticise him for being a competitor – all of these guys are – but it’s the way his personality hinges on moments such as this.

Matchplay is all about picking yourself up when the chips are down, turning the tide and changing your fortunes. Bubba is only capable of riding through the high moments, not the bad – a toxic formula in team golf.

Jordan was sincere, but it just added to the general belief that Bubba is both deeply misunderstood and socially impossible. Jordan’s comments can be shelved next to those made by Davis Love III, in the “diplomacy” section.  The American Ryder Cup captain followed a similar vein when he was asked if Bubba was a bad teammate.

“He’s the opposite of that. Everybody played with Bubba would say that. I’ve been on teams with Bubba,” “Everybody just loves Bubba. He’s quirky but so is Phil.”

Davis Love III

What a Diet Coke, mealy-mouthed, premature ejaculate of an answer that was.

Bubba Watson has a peculiar relationship with his caddie Ted Scott. (Source/Golf Digest).
Bubba Watson has a peculiar relationship with his caddie Ted Scott. (Source/Golf Digest).

The truth of the matter is that nobody wants to play with Bubba, he’s one of the worst putters on TOUR – a serious issue for matchplay – and his Ryder Cup record sucks balls. 3-8-0 just isn’t good enough and I’m not surprised he’s getting overlooked.

Jordan was really scraping the barrel when he told that story about Bubba and I think he’s doing really well to keep quiet about his best mate Justin Thomas, who is your best choice, in my opinion.

I mean the guy’s a hero…



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