WATCH: ‘Beef’ Johnston stars in the best golf commercial of the year

Beef continues his introduction to American life with three killer Arby’s commercials.

This man doesn’t need an introduction. Beef is the solution to a wider issue; the fact that few people can identify with professional golfers.

Let’s be fair, hours of practice by yourself is hardly a petri dish for likability, in fact, it’s the opposite. Enter Beef, the man with the antidote to golf’s festering problem.

4 reasons to be a massive fan of Andrew “BEEF” Johnston


Golf lives on a pedestal that ignores the vast majority of people who play the game. It’s boring, standoffish and uninspiring. And then you have Beef, forged from normality and ready to enter the PGA TOUR.

Beef has spent the last few weeks in America in a bid to win his PGA TOUR card, a mission he accomplished with time to spare. Box ticked he’s now been hanging out with one of his sponsors to produce a series of commercials that will air in the coming weeks. Beef signed with Arby’s a few months ago and it’s become a match made in heaven.

Here are the commercials

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