Jason Day injured his back in a manner that defies logic

Live look at Jason Day’s life away from the golf course…
Screengrab from “Bubble Boy,” 2001

But really, professional golf’s favorite glassjaw (or most unfortunate soul), The TMag/Adidas poster boy has pulled out of the FedEx Cup playoffs under the usual cloud of injury concerns that hangs over the Day family.

The world No. 1 called it quits during the second round of the TOUR Championship, citing a back injury—something of a biennial tradition for the Australian, as he withdrew from the 2014 edition of the tournament with a similar complaint.

So, of course, golf’s cabal of dinosaurs fraternity of scribes lobbed JD this delicious softball at his pre-tournament press conference.

Q. Jason, every athlete, when they come back from injury, regardless of the sport, has to re-establish trust in regards to that part of the body. Where are you now in trusting your back as you enter play this week?

Day responded with the usual blah-blah, indicating that he felt things go crooked while teeing a ball up at Crooked Stick two weeks ago, but then he got to the good stuff.

Last time it went out, I changed a diaper. So it’s nothing where I go and physically make a move at it during a swing and my back goes out. It literally is from the smallest things — picking up a pillow, picking up something off the ground, or just moving the wrong way.

Jason Day a.k.a "glassman" (Source/Screencrush.com)
Jason Day a.k.a “glassman” (Source/Screencrush.com)

Look, back injuries suck worse than seeing your grandmother naked. And we’ve all heard about someone sneezing and experiencing fetal position-inducing agony. But as a professional athlete, maybe it’d be best to be a little less forthright about the causal agents of your maladies when they involve feather or excrement-filled sacks?

Anyway, getting to the real actual morsel of journalistic significance here, Day revealed the specifics of his injury, stating that he had a bulging disk, which is now under control, and is presently dealing with, what he referred to as, “An annulus tear in my disk, annulus tear of the ligament.”

"Annulus" LOL
“Annulus” LOL

So there you have it. Add “annulus tear” to wrist and thumb injuries, back troubles, vertigo, more back troubles, Lebron James and shellfish on the list of what’s afflicted the Day’s in recent years.

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