Lee Westwood roasts Tiger Woods’ value to the Ryder Cup Team

Lee Westwood is one of the more soft spoken golfers, who has always been respected by others. That’s why when he fired shots at the captain and vice captain of the U.S. Ryder Cup Team, it came as a a bit of a shock.


Westwood spoke to the media about how he’s not sure how Davis Love III’s captaincy will pan out this year, referencing to how the last player selection has been dealt with.

“There seem to have been issues about team spirit and chemistry,” Westwood remarked. “Love has not picked Bubba Watson and I don’t know what that does for team spirit — he was first outside the points qualification and is No. 7 in the world.

“The captain is obviously building them up a lot and making a few interesting decisions. They have got a strong side and probably are favorites, but they haven’t won it for a while and they are playing in front of a home crowd — there is a lot of pressure on them.”

Then he started to take jabs at Tiger Woods, pointing out his own chemistry issues.

“I don’t know what impact there will be from having Tiger around,” Westwood said. “They have always struggled to find a partner for Tiger that’s been successful.

“He could have an adverse effect in the team room. People have always seemed to try to do too much when they have partnered him. It might be different if he’s one of the vice-captains — you don’t know.”


The way he talks Lee Westwood about Tiger Woods is very reminiscent of how Bubba Watson is perceived these days. Granted the scale is a bit different comparatively but both have chemistry issues because of their big heads. It’s true though, being a vice-captain is a very different role from a player, so for Tiger it could be much better use of his time. A leader rather than a team-mate.

It’s interesting to get the point of view of a European player looking in at the U.S. Team. It seems as though everyone thinks America has some issues getting along with one another and isn’t that all encompassing of what’s happening in the states right now?

Hopefully Love makes the right decision and doesn’t pick Bubba Watson, even though Lee Westwood is saying that he should have picked to begin with, and hopefully no one is intimidated by Tiger Woods watching over them. One big head is enough and we need to prove we can come together with a home field advantage.

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