WATCH: Don’t take drugs and golf, you’re gonna have a bad time

This is up there with the worst of them. This horror swing was caught by @kody_kuchik at what looks like a golf show. Golf swing mid catatonic is not a great look.

Nobody’s golf swing is perfect, but this takes a huge dump on Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons” – a sacred text to any true technician.

Let’s look at the swing and decide if it redeems itself…


1. At the top

This is a decent postion…if you’re hitting the ball in the opposite direction, right-handed.

2.Still at the top

Unfortunately, the human eye wasn’t able to focus on this part of the swing’s sorcery. Who knows how he manages to get into this semi-respectable position. Weight is loaded on the back foot and it’s go time.

3. Coming to impact

He’s overbalanced, but the weight shift has the semblance of a golf swing. 75% of this swing could be found on any golf course, it’s just that 25% at the top that leaves you scratching your head. Oh, and his position on address/follow through.


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