The Simpsons made a reference to Arnold Palmer in freaky coincidence

The 28th-season premiere of The Simpsons aired last night. You might think that that’s not really golf news, but the episode aired featuring a joke about Arnold Palmer.

The Simpsons isn’t like South Park where the episodes are made in a week, if that. These episodes are made months in advance, so this joke was made way before the news of his passing, since the episode premiered that day.

While this joke is not offensive at all, some thought the episode should have been pulled in respect for the golfer. Apparently it was too late to do so.

How freaky is that though? The show decides to reference Arnold Palmer in its premiere episode on the same Sunday that he passes away.

I think it’s fate and I hope that wherever Arnie Palmie is now, that there are thousands of super soakers filled with lemonade and iced tea for his pleasure.

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