TOUR player marched before judiciary for serious breach of conduct

Richard Bland was playing in the Omega European Masters when he failed to acknowledge golf’s most important rule.

Some rules in golf defy all logic, DJ’s experience at the U.S. Open was a prime example of this immutable fact. Having said that, some rules – written or otherwise – should be obeyed with unquestioned zealousness. One such rule came up during Richard Bland’s final tee shot at the Omega European Masters.

The Englishmen hooded his tee shot into the trees on the left of the hole, a disappointing outcome we can all agree. To make things worse for Bland the tee shot failed to pass one very important milestone, the ladies tees.

As any self respecting player knows, there is a forfeit for failing to hit your drive past the ladies tee. Bland should have pulled his pants down, plain and simple. Now the rule deviates depending on the location. Some insist everything must come down, leaving yourself exposed to the elements. Others are more merciful, at least insisting the trousers be brought down to the ankles. Bland did neither.

How are we supposed to grow the game if our sport’s professionals continue to ignore golf’s most important rules?

Now I don’t want excuses, I just want every rule to apply to every golfer. This is what happens at North Middlesex – home to Andrew “Beef” Johnston.

Only at the mid ? My mate did it for Charity! #jumpedinlake #charity #thenoeljohnstonfoundation

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