Captain Davis Love III has sabotaged the U.S. Ryder Cup team

Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III has done multiple things wrong with his title, that will most likely effect of the outcome of the tournament and not in a good way. At least not for the U.S.

Breaking The Cardinal Rule

Source: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images
Source: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Love broke the cardinal rule when he said this year’s squad is “maybe the best golf team ever assembled.” He should know that you never say that about your team until after you’ve won! By saying this he has categorized the European team as the underdogs, and therefore ignited a fire under their bellies to kick U.S. butt.

We’ve seen this before. Ray Floyd, U.S. captain in 1989, said his team that week was a collection of “the 12 greatest players in the world.” The two teams ended up tying that year and Europe retained the Cup.

Love should know better than to sabotage his own team like that and should stop being so cocky. Everyone knows the U.S. has a very strong team this year, there’s no need to dig the team into a obnoxious hole by boasting about it.

The Bubba Effect

Even though Ryan Moore was chosen over Bubba Watson as the 4th captain’s pick, Watson has been named as another vice-captain of the U.S. team.

Be driving this all week!! #RyderCup #GoUSA

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You heard that right. Bubba will be riding around in this stupid ass cart all weekend, herding the U.S. players around. Why, Love?! You had four perfectly fine vice-captains already, including Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker and Tom Lehman.

Why, the week before the tournament, would you announce the addition of another vice-captain? It’s just not needed. Bubba is not needed. And yet somehow he still snaked his way on to the team.

Inadvertent Sabotage

Source: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images
Source: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Although Love has inadvertently screwed his team over, I truly believe he still thinks they have a chance at beating the Europeans.

Hopefully his positive attitude, his five assistant captains, and the players representing the USA, can create some magic this weekend to pull a fast one on the EU.

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