WATCH: Michael Phelps claims he uses gold medals as ball markers

Michael Phelps is at the Ryder Cup celebrity pro-am making hilarious statements.

Phelps was asked by a fan in the stands what he uses as ball markers, and he responded by saying, “gold medals”.

What does @m_phelps00 use for ball markers? … #RyderCup

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Honestly it’s possible! He does have 18 Olympic gold medals waiting and ready to go!

Not only is Phelps supporting his fellow American’s by attending the event, he’s making the most of it by mingling with the fans.

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Michael makes some young fans’ dreams come true! #RyderCup

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What a great American.

Bill Murray is at the Ryder Cup as well, along with Rob Riggle, Huey Lewis, Nial Horan, Kurt Russell and a few other celebs.

This actually sounds like the perfect idea. Who isn’t inspired by the “Miracle” speech? Take notes DL3!!

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