The Best From Instagram: shotgunning Arnold Palmers and the world’s worst swing

Welcome to the junk of #golf from Instagram in which we, as you might suspect, search for junk hashtagged golf on Instagram.

If you can wrap your mind around that 300-level concept, we’ll move on to our featured dopes and duffers.

1. This guy absolutely profaning Royal Liverpool.

This at a course of the Open Rota! You wouldn’t expect this from the guy who gets shitfaced in your 9-hole Tuesday night league at the local muni. Give up the game and bury yourself in that bunker, mate.

2. Next, honoring the late Arnold Palmer in true frat bro style.


Honoring Arnie. #TFM Send your photos and videos to

A video posted by Total Frat Move (@totalfratmove) on


3. It’s the most awkward golf fitness video you’ve ever seen!


4. This girl may be on to something…



5. This guy can’t seriously swing a club like this!?

Finally, this highly innovative swing has been floating near the surface in the cesspool that is social media recently. The driving range can be a grade-A shitshow, but this maestro of head movement with no interest in maintaining a spine angle through the swing is in a league of his own. Plenty of hip rotation though…

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