Danny Willett’s hilarious description of Ryder Cup performance, claims brother was right

Danny Willett spoke after his horror Ryder Cup debut.

Danny Willett gave an incredibly blunt assessment of his 2016 Ryder Cup performance which saw him lose all three of his matches. It was a tough week for the Englishman, whose brother wrote a “satirical” article that caught the attention of national media. Peter Willlet called American fans “fat, stupid, greedy and classless” in a column that proved damaging for his brother’s reputation.

The European Team were in no mood to mince words after their 17-11 defeat. The players were visibly drained during the post-round presser, but the mood was lighthearted.

Was Danny’s treatment fair? Such was the level of abuse that Team USA vice-captain Bubba Watson stepped in to ask the crowd to be respectful, only to be yelled at himself and told to “grow a pair”.

Willett seemed to change his initial position – the one he took immediatley after the article – as he spoke to Twitter followers on Sunday evening.

It’s a big shame for Danny, previous European teams have always ignored the partisan crowds, so it won’t do him any favours to share his thoughts. Sergio Garcia was another obvious target for several of the fans. “I definitely know I haven’t won a major,” said the Spaniard, to a chorus of laughter.

This was a phenomenal day for golf. The energy, the passion, the excitement, these are the things that make the Ryder Cup so uniquely special. Even after one of the most incredibly competitive moments of the year, we still see a fist bump between two opposing players.

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