Famous Ryder Cup heckler appears on Stephen Colbert and heckles…again!

Ryder Cup fan David Johnson has made a name for himself after one of sport’s greatest heckles.

This guy isn’t shy and he was rewarded for his courage. Stephen Colbert teed him up for another 15 minutes of fame on the late show. Johnson, who heckled the European Ryder Cup team as they practised putting, was given a second crack of the whip.

This was one of the best fan moments from the Ryder Cup and it showed how spectator interaction is a great thing. Some are undecided about their opinion on heckling and what this means for golf.

There are two types; one, a dude who buys into the spirit of banter. Two, the guy who told Rory to go suck something. I mean that’s just unimaginative and idiotic. A heckle works in golf when you’re funny, not when you produce anodyne aggression.

The guy who heckled Rory McIlroy

It’s great to encourage an environment where the players – of which many are sheltered throughout the year – experience something different. It’s like the 16th hole at the Waste Management, it’s a perfect way to bring people to the game.

Here are two prime examples of great heckling:

1. Teeing off during the misty weather at Gleneagles, a fan tells Jim Furyk to “follow his nose.” The player, renowned for his huge beak, plays along perfectly.

2. A fan compares Team USA to Rory McIlroy with the words, “you’ve got ‘Big Man’, we’ve got ‘Little Mac.'”

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