America’s Ryder Cup celebrations were pretty amateurish

Two things were missing during the Ryder Cup celebration

  1. Booze…you’re doing it wrong


I was reviewing some of the Ryder Cup pictures when I stumbled across this despicable moment…

Phil and Jordan poppin’ bottles. #RyderCup #USA

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Didn’t see it? Here’s a closer look

"More champagne sir?" (Source/Team USA)
“More champagne sir?”
(Source/Team USA)

What even is that? I’ll tell you what that it, either Phil Mickelson has tiny hands or he’s holding a Demie of champagne. What is this, champagne for ants?


The Europeans toasted their success with Magnums – a bottle three times the size of the thimble you can see in Phil’s hand. Rory was even carrying around a Jeroboam at one stage.


If you don’t know your bottle sizes here is a useful diagram.



2. Did anyone jump into the water?

Team Ryder Cup

This is a Ryder Cup ritual that must be fulfilled! Where was the lake jump? Why wasn’t the Minesotoan water full of giddy Ryder Cup players as tradition dictates?

I think I know the answer to that quesiton…remeber when Thomas Levet broke his leg?

Probably not worth it. They can be excused for that one.

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