WATCH: Alex Ovechkin whiffs hilariously off the tee

Capitals captain, Alex Ovechkin, has opened up a whole new world of pain after sharing this hilarious video on his Instagram.


@philippgrubauer31 @marcusjohansson90 #stick#siller #alzy#holts#nesser #longdrive ???

A video posted by Alexander Ovechkin (@aleksandrovechkinofficial) on

Although he eventually does get it off the tee, it takes him two whiffs to do so. It sounds like the gallery in the background enjoyed watching Ovechkin fail.

The best part is the little wiggle before he eventually hits it and the celebration with the crew after. I wonder how far that ball went because he slapped that thing.

Hey Paige Spirinac, I have a new trick shot for you. Tee it up where Ovechkin’s tooth used to be.

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