Martin Kaymer joins the group of European whiners

Danny Willett and Rory McIlroy are amongst the Europeans who have already complained about the rowdy Ryder Cup fans, and now Martin Kaymer wants in on the fun.

Source: Action Images
Source: Action Images

I can understand Willett complaining because his family was targeted because of his brother, but as a Ryder Cup vet, Kaymer should be used to this. I think players are just complaining to complain at this point.

“Ninety-five percent of the crowd were fine,” Kaymer said after his first round at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. “But there are just some idiots in the crowd and I just find it amazing that they are standing there with their children in their hands and they say things that you think, ‘that’s your child next to you, what role model are you?’ It’s a bit shocking sometimes, the comments you hear.”


In this day and age, most Americans are desensitized to bad language because it’s used so regularly. No one cares if you say the C-word or the F-word, it’s just a part of our vocabulary. Granted this is golf, which holds itself to “higher standards”, but fans in other sports would laugh at the fact that someone got ejected for telling Rory to “suck a dick”. MILD.

Kaymer went on:

“Some guys were saying, ‘it’s the same for us when they come to Europe,’ but it’s not true. There were names that we got called that you would never, ever put in your mouth in any media or even among your friends. I think you just need to escort those people off the property as quickly as possible and we keep playing golf.”

We get it, Europeans are better than Americans. Give me a break.

Maybe it doesn’t happen in Europe but I guess it happens in the US. If you can’t handle the 1% that run their mouth than you need to get thicker skin. The Europeans are just whining because they lost. If they won I doubt they would care this much.

This is the industry you’re in, and in this country we’re allowed free speech. Get over it.

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