Tiger Woods has one huge inadequacy that he absolutely hates

Never underestimate the cumulative strain of a golf swing, it’s terrible for the spine, whether we like it or not. You can’t swing a golf club for nearly 40 years and expect to be injury free – especially if your name is Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods injury list

Some people, mainly the stupid kind, blame Tiger’s fitness regime for his back problems. This defies all logic when you watch the man swing a golf club.

Tiger has gone under the knife more times then you’ve had hot meals, which begs the question, which surgeon performed his latest operation?


How will having no calfs affect his golf swing?

Rory McIlroy pointed this out during Tiger’s rehabilitation:

Tiger Wood Calfs

Apparently the Goat was never good at rearing calfs. Observing the athlete, Jaimee Grubbs – ex-lover to Tiger – onced commented about his insecurity. “I said, ‘For someone who works out a lot, you sure have small calves!'”

Tiger Woods and Jaimee Grubbs
(Source/The Score)

Woods didn’t take the ribbing well. “I remember him giving me the biggest death look. He told me he was very insecure about the size of his calves. He said, ‘I can’t grow calves.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, sorry!’

Anyway, the countdown can begin because Tiger’s first appearance is almost a lock.

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