This Tiger Woods interview explains exactly why he pulled out

Tiger Woods has withdrawn from the Safeway Open at the last minute, after confirming last week that he would play. Seems a bit brash, right?

It’s actually not as surprising as you might think. In 1996, young Woods explained to Curtis Strange that he believed that if you didn’t think you were going to win a tournament, there was really no point in going at all.

“Why go to a tournament, if you’re not going there to try and win. There’s really no point.”

In the letter Woods wrote on his page today, he said that it’s not health issues that are holding him back this time, but his game is not where he wants it to be. If he thought for even a moment that he wasn’t going to be at his best, and win, then it makes sense that he would withdraw. Even after committing.

“That’s the attitude I’ve had my entire life, and that’s the attitude I will always have.”

It may not be right of him, to withdraw a couple of days before a tournament, but he’s doing what’s best for him and his reputation and that’s how it has always been. No one will ever know what is really going on in his mind, but think of all the hype that went in to the Safeway Open just because the thought of Tiger returning is so appealing. The pressure to be at his best will always be there when he does return, and that’s intimidating.

Hopefully one day he will make his return but at this point no one should get their hopes up. Advice: If Tiger says he is going to return to a tournament, don’t buy the tickets on his word alone. You’ll probably be disappointed.

Here’s a better version of the interview, to hopefully dull the pain of not seeing the man return..

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